Baby Massage Classes

At the center of the IAIM program are the parents and their babies. The parent is seen as the expert in the needs of their own baby, and the babies themselves are considered the best teachers.

In infant massage classes, the instructor demonstrates massage strokes on a doll and shares information on other forms of touch and communication, such as facial cues, body language, and vocalizations. While parents work with their babies, the instructor focuses on enhancing the relationship between parent and baby.


What to expect

Find a Baby Massage Class

Become and instructor


What to expect 

  •         This is a 5 week course. You will meet once a week for 1.5 to 2 hours.
  •         The instructor will provide the appropriate oil and handouts.
  •         The classes are fun and relaxing. It is a safe place for parents and babies to learn from the instructor, other parents, and most important, from your baby.
  •         Baby’s needs are priority. You can feel comfortable to attend to your baby’s physical and emotional needs. Babies crying, movement or sounds are normal and not seen as disruptive.
  •         The intent is to learn during class, and practice every day at home. It’s ok to stay in the class if baby is asleep, or not in the mood for massage.
  •         The instructor uses a doll to demonstrate massage strokes to parents.  The instructor does not massage your baby.
  •         The class includes instruction and practice time along with discussion and questions.

Find a Baby Massage Class

Step 1. Look at our calendar of events to see prescheduled classes. Contact the listed instructor to join a class.


Step 2. Contact any of the instructors directly if you want to schedule a one-on-one, or group class.

  •         (Add calendar of events.) (Can these also link directly to e-mail?)
  •         (Add Instructor Directory with contact info and languages spoken.) (Can e-mails be direct links?)

**Can also add Supportive group sessions with other parents/caregivers if they are offered. These should have instructor’s name, locations, dates and times listed. Also a link to a recurrent Facebook event if possible.

Become and instructor 

  •         Find upcoming trainings in Thailand.

o   11 Jan, 2020     Chiang Mai       Trainer: Mia Elmsäter

o   18 Jan, 2020     Bangkok            Trainer: Mia Elmsäter

o   To sign up or request information, please contact: (Insert Evelin’s info here for English, but Pattraprapa’s for Thai version)

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